• Exercise and Nutrition Consultations Available
    Exercise and Nutrition Consultations Available
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Holistic Heart
    A Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Holistic Heart


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My client roster is currently full and subsequently I will not be accepting new clients until further notice. Thank-you for your interest. DIET'S DON'T WORK - the good news is that lifestyle changes do and they are permanent. Want to feel great and look great too - STOP DIETING!!! Rogers Cable 10 Live Video - Obesity in Canada

Please call Kim at 416-738-8914 to make your appointment today.

Holistic Heart gift certificates.

The Ultimate Gift

Holistic Heart gift certificates make the perfect gift for someone you love. Why not treat that special someone to the gift of a healthier and happier life?

Gift certificates may be purchased for specific programs or they may be purchased with a nominated monetary value, enabling the recipient to choose from our services.

Welcome to Holistic Heart

Kim is a registered Mississauga nutritionist who offers a variety of programs and services including:

  • Weight Management - A Holistic Approach.
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Getting Started with Healthy Eating
  • Healing through Nutrition
  • Handling Menopause Naturally
  • Personal Training
  • And more

Discover how Kim can work with you one-on-one to implement a plan that is straightforward and centred on lots of wholesome and nutritious foods so that you can achieve optimal health and wellness.

Call 416-738-8914 now for an appointment to start achieving your goals.



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